June 26, 2012

Moving Forward from Phoenix

The roundtable discussion in Phoenix this month produced helpful feedback and suggestions. More on those details soon, but for now a big round of thanks to all who participated.
  • Special thanks to Rob Reiter and his great team from Blockaides (including Kimberly Reiter, Tyler Thompson and Natalie Wackeen) for their assistance in pulling the roundtable together from scratch.
  • Appreciation also goes to the International Parking Institute — especially deputy director Henry Wallmeyer for providing meeting space and publicity, and Safety & Security Committee co-chair Geary Robinson, PhD, CAPP, for his opening remarks.
  • I also appreciated the opportunity to meet with Dennis Knittel and Marty Venegas of IdealShield. Getting to know companies — like Blockaides, IdealShield, Calpipe and others — that provide bollards and related perimeter security solutions expands my own understanding and will lead, I hope, to win-win industry relationships as we work together to raise awareness about the need for storefront safety.

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