May 23, 2012

Storefront Safety Roundtable Scheduled

The first-ever roundtable discussion on storefront safety is set for June 12, 2012, 5:30pm–7:00pm, at the Phoenix Convention Center (Room 224A) in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Thanks, IPI: The meeting is being held during the International Parking Institute's 2012 conference & expo, which takes place at the convention center June 10–13. A big 'thank you' to IPI for making the room available.

Free: No need to be an IPI member (although obviously we welcome anyone who's in town for the IPI conference & expo) — the roundtable discussion is free to attend and open to anyone who's interested in vehicle-into-building crash prevention/protection.

You're invited: Your participation is especially encouraged if you are a shopping center owner/developer, retailer, parking designer or consultant, engineer, architect, landscape architect, bollard/barrier expert, risk manager, insurance carrier, or working for a local government as a planner, code manager, pedestrian safety coordinator, first responder (law enforcement & fire/EMS), or ADA specialist.

All welcome: If you don't see yourself on that list, come anyway! This event is a prototype for what could become a series of discussions around the U.S., and those of us organizing it are eager to hear from a variety of backgrounds and points of view.

Contact info: Three ways to follow event details or ask questions:
» Join the Storefront Safety Council group on LinkedIn.
» Click 'contact us' at event partner
» Email me here at mark [at]

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