June 27, 2012

Five Injured in Dunkin Donuts Crash

A driver described as an 'elderly woman' accelerated while pulling into a parking spot in front of a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Dunkin' Donuts and crashed through the entrance today, injuring five people, according to LehighValleyLive. The driver's car came to a rest inside the shop in front of the cash registers.

While the injuries from this crash were reportedly not deemed serious, LehighValleyLive noted that two fatal vehicle-into-building crashes had occurred in the area:
  • "On Nov. 21, 2006, a 59-year-old woman was killed when a car crashed into the front of an Allentown jewelry store. Joan E. Zamborsky, of the 900 block of North St. Lucas Street, Allentown, died shortly after being struck by a car at Bixler's Jewelers in the 3100 block of Tilghman Street. Three other customers were hospitalized. The driver, 82-year-old Sung Yeung Kam, of Allentown, and store employees were uninjured, police said."
  • "On Feb. 25, 1999, Chantal Rodriguez, 2, of Whitehall, died after an automobile crashed into La Fontana restaurant at 960 Broadway, a Fountain Hill pizza shop owned by her father, Chavez "Chance" Rodriguez. Two other restaurant patrons were injured in the crash."

I can't help noting the two bollards in front — set so far apart at the far sides of the shop's entrance that, well, a vehicle could drive straight between them.  'Just sayin'....

Photo: LehighValleyLive

Thanks to Rob Reiter for the heads-up on this accident.

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ddartley said...

Vunleralbe stores should install strong metal bollards in front of their storefronts. They don't have to be terribly big, or unattractive. Problem solved?

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