July 12, 2012

Creating a Team

Well, we're in for quite a ride.

One of the suggestions that emerged from the roundtable discussion in Phoenix last month: Focus this effort through a single entity, a primary identity, to avoid confusion and simplify engagement. Folks there also liked the Storefront Safety Council name over alternatives we tossed around.

So, I'm collaborating with others to form the Storefront Safety Council — which until now was only 'virtual' as a LinkedIn group — into an actual organization. That will most likely mean incorporating, filing with the IRS for non-profit status, creating a distinct Web presence, and — most importantly — building a team.

If you have already signed up on this site to automatically receive new posts (thanks!) then you're already part of the team. You're an informed ambassador who can help educate others about vehicle-into-building crashes. Consider the new Storefront Safety Council a tool to help you do that even more effectively — and a way to make common cause with others who want to help.

A lot of behind-the-scenes work will be needed to establish the Council, and I'll keep you posted via this site as specific milestones are achieved.

Once the Council has its own website and email system up and running, I will probably put 'storefrontcrashes.com' on life support and leave it as an archive. The new domain name has been purchased, but the site needs to be designed and populated with content — so I'll announce the new URL once it's ready for prime time.

While this is, obviously, a serious initiative aimed at solving a serious safety problem — there's no reason we can't have fun working together. As this train chugs out of the station and heads into the first of what will be many hills and curves...feel free to scream, wave your arms, and feel the excitement. Oh, and bring your friends, too.

— Mark

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