January 10, 2013

Survey Time: Your Input Needed

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Your thoughts about this site are very important, so I used SurveyMonkey to create a quick questionnaire. 2013 might be a great time for some changes...or not...depending on how you feel about your experience of using StorefrontCrashes.com.

With only eight questions (plus a final comments box), this should take just a couple minutes. I know you're busy and very much appreciate your time and feedback. Please take a moment right now if possible to provide your answers.

Here's the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NKKSKTS. It will pop up in a new window or new tab in your browser. Please email me (mark [at] storefrontcrashes.com) if you encounter any difficulties or have questions.

I'm still collaborating with colleagues on establishing and nurturing the Storefront Safety Council (StorefrontSafety.org + LinkedIn group). For now, however, they and I believe that continuing this original StorefrontCrashes.com site is a good idea. Let us know if you agree, disagree...or suddenly find yourself in desperate need of a nap after reading this!

You don't need to include your name on the questionnaire, unless you'd like me to follow up with you. I'll let you know via a future post about the survey's results. Thanks as always for your assistance and input.

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