October 7, 2011

Thanks to WBFO 88.7!

Welcome to visitors finding StorefrontCrashes.com via Eileen Buckley's Oct. 7th story on WBFO 88.7FM about Buffalo's recent rash of vehicle-into-building crashes!

Sincere sympathies to the people and businesses affected by these crashes in your region, with special condolences for the loved ones of those who were lost.

Tragedy is hard to accept under any circumstances, but all the more so when you know that this type of accident just should not happen.

We take our safety for granted — especially when we're in a restaurant or other business — until reality literally comes crashing in at us. It's quite a shock.

Please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email (mark -at- storefrontcrashes -dot- com) if you need a hand tracking down info as your community grapples with how to respond to — and hopefully prevent — the storefront crash problem. I'll help in any way I can.

Meanwhile, please be safe. And thanks again to WBFO!