October 6, 2011

NY Town to Explore Crash Barriers

After a rash of storefront crashes in western New York state — including one that resulted in two fatalities — the Town of Amherst had apparently seen enough. The town board directed its planning staff last week to begin modifying site plan regulations to require barriers or other protective devices for new construction, according to BuffaloNews.com.

This is the first municipality I've heard of to take such a step, although I need to research this nationally to see if other jurisdictions have explored, proposed, or passed similar requirements. For now, this stands as an excellent — albeit still unfolding — case study of local government action. I'll share more details as they become available.

Many thanks to Eileen Buckley, news director at NPR station WBFO 88.7FM, for alerting me to this development. She interviewed me this afternoon for a story that will air tomorrow morning.