May 21, 2011

Drivers Sentenced After Two Horrific Crashes

Picture of FCI Bastrop - source: U.S. BOP
Two drivers, one in California and one in Washington, D.C., recently received jail time as a result of DUI and other charges filed after they injured and killed pedestrians while crashing into restaurants.

A driver who ran over three teenagers and two adults before crashing into Cass Street Cafe & Bakery in La Jolla, California, last August was sentenced earlier this month to almost 17 years in prison. He was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the crash. Details: 10News

The drunk driver who struck and killed a pedestrian before crashing into Keren Restaurant in Washington, D.C., last September was sentenced to three years and four months in jail May 16, 2011.
Details: dcist | Washington Post

Image: U.S. Bureau of Prisons

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