July 22, 2016

Kalamazoo Crashes Hit the News

Walter Smith-Randolph, WWMT News
Walter Smith-Randolph, WWMT News
Walter Smith-Randolph at WWMT TV explained to viewers of last night's 6 p.m. news in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that barriers can keep cars from demolishing storefronts: http://wwmt.com/news/i-team/vehicles-crashing-into-storefronts-more-common-than-one-might-think.

Walter said he had found news archive reports on seven crashes in the area over the past two years, and featured Storefront Safety Council stats to add some national context to the Kalamazoo incidents.

He also interviewed the owner of a pizza restaurant that had been hit. She said she had decided to put up barriers as well.

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(This post is co-published on the Storefront Safety Council blog.)

Storefront crash in Kalamazoo MI courtesy WWMT TV
Source: WWMT TV

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