February 10, 2016


Sometimes a cause is too important to abandon, even though one's efforts in advancing it over the years wax and wane as life's demands and transitions absorb more time and attention. So it is for me with the problem of vehicle-into-building crashes. The intensity of my focus has brightened and dimmed, repeatedly, since I was hit in 2008. The flame of my concern nonetheless remains.

I commend Storefront Safety Council co-founder and safety expert Rob Reiter for having continued the effort, unabated, to not only shine a spotlight on the problem but also to continually add to his data on the frequency of these crashes.

Likewise, a big thanks goes to the news media for it's coverage of the issue. It's been a privilege to serve as a resource for reporters and producers.

Kudos also to Kimberly Reiter for doing a great job building and maintaining the StorefrontSafety.org website. It is now a much more robust online home for crash examples and safety tips than my own site here, particularly as many of the links to newspaper and TV stories on specific crashes featured in my older posts have gone dormant. (Some media outlets keep their older content online for years, while others delete it more quickly.)

As I've noted before, many lives are profoundly changed month after month because of the flaws in our built environment that leave people exposed to errant drivers and out-of-control vehicles. The need to implement prevention and protection strategies continues.

If you are landing here for the first time...welcome. I hope my archived material will prove useful for you. And if you're visiting simply to see if a light still shines in the window...thanks as always for your continued interest.

Either way, by all means go visit Rob's sites. And you can still reach me at: mark [at] wrightscontent.com.


(Image credit: The original photo came from a candle company via Amazon.com, but has been significantly altered for use on this site.)

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