March 6, 2014

Change Coming Soon

At the end of June, this site will officially become an archive rather than a blog. I'll also simultaneously hand over my admin keys to the Storefront Safety Council LinkedIn group and the Council's website, coordinating with co-founder Rob Reiter on the details as I transition out.

While my concern about vehicle-into-building crashes remains strong, I've hit a point in life where I need to make some changes — including wrapping up the project and taking off my Council co-founder hat.

I have truly cherished your attention and feedback since I launched this blog after my own accident recovery several years ago. Knowing that the information here has aided attorneys representing crash victims and provided some businesses with tips on how to protect their storefront from vehicle collisions has also been rewarding.

Likewise, I've been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to team up with Rob Reiter in launching the Storefront Safety Council LinkedIn group (he has near-singlehandedly sustained it with regular postings) and in collaborating on articles for industry publications.

Speaking of articles, we have one coming out in NAIOP's Development Magazine on March 17, which I'll cover in a new post here on that date. Rob also appears to have the editor of an insurance industry magazine interested in an article from us, due in May, so I will post about that as well down the road.

Why did I pick the end of June for my official wrap-up date? Because I turn 57 then (God willing). I was 51 when I got hit. One of the biggest lessons that experience taught me: we're never guaranteed another birthday, so make the most of the time we're given.

Every year, many lives end, or are profoundly changed, because of the flaws in our built environment that leave people exposed to errant drivers and moving vehicles. I'm not giving up on searching for prevention and protection strategies. But I am changing my approach.

Thanks again for your continued interest.


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