October 23, 2013

Calling All Safety & Risk Control Pros

David Natalizia
Getting the word out to audiences that are in a position to take tangible storefront safety actions just took a big leap forward this morning when safety and operations professional David Natalizia put the issue — and a survey — on his blog, Risk Confidence (Storefront Safety: Is It On Your Radar?).

David's 25 years in the safety and risk control industry have provided him with broad experience and deep knowledge about effective safety programs for a diverse array of businesses and environments, including theme parks, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, transportation and retail operations.

His blog is an important resource not only for fellow safety and risk control professionals, but also for businesses and design teams that seek to enhance safety for employees and customers.

Putting this topic in front of his colleagues is extremely helpful. In particular, the brief survey (on which Rob Reiter and I collaborated with David) will provide much-needed insight into the awareness and perspectives of his readers regarding vehicle-into-building crashes.

I especially liked what he wrote about 'control measures': "Building placement, parking space design, bollards, structural rails, and crash-worthy architectural features are all potential avenues of control for storefront crash prevention."

You Can Help
1. If you are a safety/risk control pro yourself, please be sure to answer the survey. It will take just a minute or two of your time — but will be really helpful. Here's the link: http://davidnat.polldaddy.com/s/storefront-vehicle-safety-survey.

2. If you have friends or colleagues who are safety/risk control specialists, please let them know about the survey and forward the link to David's post.

3. Join in the conversation via the Storefront Safety Council LinkedIn group. Your thoughts and insights are always valued and will enrich the dialogue.

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