July 24, 2012

Young & Old Alike Cause Crashes

Ashland Breakfast and Lunch suffered serious damage when a driver smashed through the front door
Photo: WWBT NBC12
A 13-year-old girl driving in a grocery store parking lot (while accompanied by an adult) struck a 25-year-old pedestrian, then crashed into the store's entrance. The accident occurred July 22, 2012, in Comstock, Michigan.

In Ashland, Virginia, an 81-year-old driver plowed into a restaurant on July 13. Luckily, the restaurant was closed that day. Bystanders said had it been open, people very likely would have been sitting right where the car came crashing in (photo above left).

Photo: WWBT NBC12
In nearby Henrico, Virginia, two people were hurt on July 9 — one with life-threatening injuries — when a driver crashed into a dialysis center (photo below right).

Both the 13-year-old and the 81-year-old drivers reportedly confused their pedals, hitting the gas instead of the brake.

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