April 18, 2011

Recent Crash Examples - April 18, 2011

Photo: Salem Police Department via Eagle Tribune

Fogelsville, PA: School bus driver's crash into building fatal (NBC Philadelphia - April 18, 2011)

Salem, MA: 62-year-old driver crashes Toyota Camry into vacant store—photo above (Eagle Tribune - April 17, 2011)

Amarillo, TX: Driver in his 20s sustains life-threatening injuries during high-speed crash into building (Amarillo Globe News - April 16, 2011)

Sacramento, CA: Motorcyclist loses control, crashes through Subway restaurant storefront (SacMav Rapid Media - April 15, 2011)

Standish, ME: Daycare center heavily damaged when car smashes inside (WGME 13 - April 13, 2011)

Woodbridge, CT: Teen driver hits dog grooming business [Ed. note—If I gave out awards for Mind-numbing Driver Excuses, this one would win: "...a license plate loosely placed on the dashboard of her car allegedly went sliding and lodged itself under the steering wheel. Unable to straighten out the steering wheel, the car continued turning right and eventually smashed into a wooden fence, went up the concrete patio and hit the door."] (Amity Observer - April 11, 2011)

Columbus, GA: Driver-less beer truck blasts through Hotel Liquidation Warehouse storefront (WSFA 12 - April 11, 2011)

Seattle, WA: Driver hits fire hydrant before crashing into salon (West Seattle Herald - April 11, 2011)

Grayslake, IL: 28-year-old driver cited after crashing into insurance office (Lake County News-Sun - April 9, 2011)

Albany, GA: Thieves smash stolen truck into pawn shop (WTVM 9 - April 7, 2011)

New York, NY: Two amazingly similar and equally tragic accidents in a week—cars careened off of Queensboro Bridge exit into storefront (New York Times - April 6, 2011)

Miami, FL: Driver flees after hitting man then crashing into convenience store (NBC Miami - April 5, 2011)

Norwalk, CT: Two injured during crash into Dunkin' Donuts (Norwalk Citizen Online - April 4, 2011)

Bridgeport, CT: SUV crashes into real estate office (CT Post - April 4, 2011)

Sioux City, IA: 84-year-old nursing home visitor loses control of car, crashes through entrance, hitting a resident. The victim died three days later in the hospital—on her 92nd birthday. (KTIV 4 - April 2, 2011)

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