March 4, 2011

Weekly Crash Roundup - March 4, 2011

Melbourne, Australia: 17 injured as 70-year-old driver crashes into restaurant March 4, 2011

San Marcos, TX: 22-year-old driver killed during crash into vacant Target store March 4, 2011

Cape Girardeau, MO: Driver hits wrong pedal, slams through Pizza Hut wall March 4, 2011

Raleigh, NC: Two vehicles go up in flames after car hits and ignites Exxon station gas pump March 4, 2011

Mt. Prospect, IL: "It felt like the car was possessed," says driver after crashing into restaurant March 4, 2011

Hinesville, SC: Driver's foot-slip sends truck careening into drycleaner, injuring employee, March 4, 2011

Forest Lake, MN: 49-year-old driver crashes into Super America convenience store March 3, 2011

Horry County, SC: Driver's pedal confusion sends minivan into Dollar General store March 1, 2011

Calhoun, KY: 90-year-old driver hits gas instead of brake, crashing through entrance of Dollar General store February 28, 2011

Springfield, MO: Driver injures Applebees customer as pedal mistake sends car into busy restaurant February 28, 2011

Greenville, NC: Multiple charges for 22-year-old driver who plowed—unconscious—into boutique February 27, 2011

Salinas, CA: Parole violator crashes stolen car into building February 27, 2011

San Marcos, TX: 25-year-old apprehended after late-night drive inside bank branch lobby February 25, 2011

Sidney, BC, Canada: Elderly driver crashes into pharmacy February 21, 2011

Dallas, TX: Driver's pedal misstep sends her vehicle smashing through Petland store February 21, 2011

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