December 3, 2010

NPR Features Alaska Barbershop Crash

NPRMy ears perked up this morning as I listened to National Public Radio's Morning Edition program when I heard co-host Steve Inskeep report on a storefront crash in Alaska.

He delivered the quick story about a barber who clipped away even after an SUV smashed into his shop with a light-hearted tone—a quirky item sandwiched in as a little breather between more serious fare.

Here's the full link:

I emailed Mr. Inskeep to let him know that—plucky Alaskan barbers aside—these crashes happen surprisingly often, and sometimes with tragic effects. It would be great if NPR could turn this 'weird news' item into a 'whoa, this is a problem worth exploring' feature.

So, keep your ears peeled and fingers crossed!

(Thanks to our friends at Canada's Education for the Driving Masses for this complete-story link, too:

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