October 15, 2010

Weekly Crash Roundup - October 14, 2010

Whitman, MA: Driver dies, passenger critically injured, in crash into building October 15, 2010
NECN.com: http://bit.ly/cVJFf1

Montreal, Quebec, Canada: ATM customer injured when car crashes into bank October 15, 2010
TorontoSun.com: http://bit.ly/amZnZD

Middle Twp., NJ: 85-year-old driver backs through auto repair facility, injuring mechanic October 14, 2010
NBC40.net: http://bit.ly/ard5Je

Tulsa, OK: Car used to break into pawn shop October 14, 2010
KTUL.com: http://bit.ly/cPDecE

Chicago, IL: Two-vehicle crash sends police car into building October 14, 2010
ChicagoBreakingNews.com: http://bit.ly/ayHBsQ

Boiling Springs, SC: Driver's medical condition sends truck into convenience store October 13, 2010
MSNBC: http://bit.ly/dnIOjE

Hermitage, PA: Driver smashes front door and window of Philadelphia Candies shop October 13, 2010
WKBN.com: http://bit.ly/9YrFvk

East Hartford, CT: Two injured when driver runs light, skids into building October 13, 2010
CTNow.com: http://bit.ly/dyMJAT

Holland, MI: Driver's short cut through parking lot ends in crash into garage October 13, 2010
WHTC.com: http://bit.ly/c0NEdK

Collier Twp., PA: Man blames pedal misstep for crash into PennDOT drivers license center—during his driving test—October 13, 2010
ThePittsburghChannel.com: http://bit.ly/dooTXY

Boulder, CO: 69-year-old driver cited after foot slipped off brake, sending his car into Greenwood Wildlife Thrift Store October 13, 2010
ColoradoDaily.com: http://bit.ly/bUC1t6

Wilkes-Barre, PA: Driver says she fell asleep before plowing into Cafe Toscana restaurant October 12, 2010
TimesLeader.com: http://bit.ly/9b4XEJ

Bear Lake, MI: 95-year-old driver crashes into Dollar General Store October 12, 2010
LudingtonDailyNews.com: http://bit.ly/abujpk

Galveston, TX: Thief uses vehicle to ram store entrances during break-ins October 12, 2010
KHOU.com: http://bit.ly/bNP6TT

Mason County, WV: Driver flees after crashing minivan into Trippitt's Garage October 11, 2010
WSAZ.com: http://bit.ly/dqkI7Q

Cleveland, TX: 84-year-old driver hits wrong pedal, crashes into eye clinic October 11, 2010
ABC/KTRK: http://bit.ly/bNMrXS

Greenwood, AR: Teen driver huffs 'Dust Destroyer', blacks out, hits building October 10, 2010
SWTimes.com: http://bit.ly/cR6oJk

St. Paul, MN: Unattended toddler crashes mom's SUV into Cost Cutters salon October 10, 2010
MyFoxTwinCities.com: http://bit.ly/de8jVT
StarTribune.com: http://bit.ly/cnhtVT

Minneapolis, MN: Driver flees after hitting fire hydrant, then building, October 10, 2010
MyFoxTwinCities.com: http://bit.ly/b1mUKh

Terre Haute, IN: Hit-and-run crash damages Salvation Army building October 10, 2010
WTHITV.com: http://bit.ly/98I0xS

Kankakee, IL: Police officer loses control during emergency response, crashes into building October 9, 2010
Daily-Journal.com: http://bit.ly/bYikNa

Waite Park, MN: Alcohol possible factor in crash into IHOP that injured five October 8, 2010
MyFoxTwinCities.com: http://bit.ly/cWiPNa

San Jose, CA: Driver cites pedal confusion after smashing through three aisles and coffee bar of a 7-Eleven store October 7, 2010
FoxReno.com: http://bit.ly/abqHDx

Pompano Beach, FL: 15-year-old student driver confuses pedals, hits McDonald's September 24, 2010
WPBF.com: http://bit.ly/bDJAqL

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