September 28, 2010

Being Prepared for Life's Curve Balls

Washington, D.C.-based writer Lisa Schamess—knowing of my 2008 brush with fate—invited me to share a few thoughts about 'planning for the inevitable' via her blog.

My guest post about better-late-than-never estate planning went live Tuesday night:

Through her blog, which she launched in May 2010, Lisa offers a wry perspective on struggling with the financial realities that confront folks who are trying to live within their modest means.

I'm honored that she offered me a chance to contribute a few insights from my own experience to her readers. (And I hope they'll forgive the brief-but-candid description of the storefront crash that served as my own estate planning wake-up call.)

A lot of us, I suspect, would find ourselves caught a bit flat-footed if life threw us a sudden curve ball, be it an accident or an illness or some other show-stopping crisis.

So, I'll start working in some resources and suggestions here at StorefrontCrashes from professionals who can point us toward making good on the Boy Scout motto: 'Be prepared.'

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