August 26, 2010

Weekly Crash Roundup - August 26, 2010

Of particular note this week:
  • A repeat drunk driver was charged and held for his August 15 crash into a cafe that seriously injured three teenagers in La Jolla, California.
  • Rite Aid took it on the chin this past month, with crashes into three of its drugstores.

Here's the latest list—32 incidents*.

Kingston, TN: Ten injured after medical condition sends van into beauty salon August 25, 2010

Chalmette, LA: Pregnant employee injured when driver plows into clothing store August 24, 2010

Bismarck, ND: 26-year-old driver's medical emergency sends his SUV into building August 23, 2010

Cincinnati, OH: 41-year-old driver found dead after hitting building August 23, 2010

St. Louis, MO: 18-year-old driver crashes into computer store August 22, 2010  (Related post: Do Parking Curbs Protect Against Vehicle Intrusion?)

Semmes, AL: Driver slams her SUV through antiques shop August 22, 2010

Lancaster, NH: Elderly driver blames stuck accelerator for crash into Rite Aid August 21, 2010

Derry, NH: 83-year-old driver knocks out pillar, closes pizza joint, August 21, 2010

Dallas, TX: Thief crashes stolen truck into church August 20, 2010

Indianapolis, IN: Street racer crashes into building during police pursuit August 19, 2010

Colts Neck, NJ: Man struck, injured, as car crashes into Dunkin' Donuts August 18, 2010

Los Altos, CA: 20-year-old driver hits town library building August 18, 2010
Los Altos Town Crier:

San Antonio, TX: Mom blames brakes after crashing into daycare center August 18, 2010

Brentwood, NH: Woman who crashed into donut shop drive-thru indicted August 18, 2010

Port Arthur, TX: Stolen pickup goes through building wall during police chase August 18, 2010

Brooklyn, NY: Car goes backwards through Rite Aid wall August 17, 2010

Louisville, KY: Pedal confusion sends Jeep through wall of building August 17, 2010

Bellaire, OH: No injuries in crash into Honda building August 17, 2010

Butler Twp., OH: Driver suffers medical problem, hits Panera Bread restaurant August 17, 2010

Maple Grove, MN: Car goes airborne before sailing through wall of building August 16, 2010
12Fox Mankato:

La Jolla, CA: Repeat DUI offender accused in crash that badly injured three teens and damaged Cass Street Bakery and Café August 15, 2010 & &

Riley Twp., OH: Few details available after vehicle goes into building August 15, 2010

Concord, CA: At least one injured during crash into restaurant August 13, 2010

Stoneham, MA: 88-year-old test drives new car—straight into a bakery—August 11, 2010

Detroit, MI: SUV goes through Oak Park restaurant entrance August 11, 2010

Americus, GA: SUV hits multiple vehicles before barreling through law office wall August 10, 2010

Oklahoma City, OK: Medical condition apparently spurs driver's crash into automotive building August 10, 2010

Middleton, WI: DUI leads to driver and passenger injuries after hitting Granite Wind Store August 10, 2010

Seattle, WA: Golden Oldies record store badly damaged when SUV goes airborne through wall August 9, 2010

Greene Twp., PA: Two injured when truck crashes through wall of Boardwalk Tavern August 7, 2010

Lawrence, KS: Driver blames sandal for crash into Supercuts August 4, 2010

Tulsa, OK: Driver blames brake failure after crash into Dollar Store July 31, 2010

Penn Township, PA: 80-year-old driver hits Rite Aid, knocks products from shelves, July 28, 2010

* Editor's Note: I capture news accounts via Google News alerts as well as with various keyword searches performed throughout the week, however, some stories defy search engine discovery until days or weeks after they first appeared in local media. That's why the dates on certain news links may stretch back several weeks. Better late than never, I figure, although I typically draw the line at about a month in each issue of the 'roundup.

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