June 5, 2010

Peoria, Arizona Walgreens Employee Crushed on Bench

In yet another instance of apparent gas-brake pedal confusion, a driver in her mid-80s accidentally drove forward and ran over a Walgreens employee sitting on a storefront bench June 1, 2010. The employee (a grandmother herself) was airlifted to a hospital but died from her injuries.

Media coverage of the accident focused attention on the driver's age and raised questions about whether senior drivers should be tested more frequently—but took no issue with the bench's position directly in front of a parking space, a shallow curb the only barrier between it and parked vehicles.

Sources: ABC15.com; KPHO.com; AZFamily.com

Stories & videos:
1. ABC15 http://bit.ly/cwgQEe
2. ABC15 http://bit.ly/at2Iui
3. KPHO http://bit.ly/d7o64k
4. AZFamily http://bit.ly/dqUQoi

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