June 20, 2010

Going Forward

The best magazines and Web sites adhere to editorial calendars and content plans to keep them on track as they strive to serve their audiences. StorefrontCrashes.com (SFC) needs the same discipline. Now that I've collected enough in-the-news examples of crashes to show how—and how often—real people find themselves in these nearly unbelievable situations, it's time to broaden the scope of my posts—as well as invite others to contribute their expertise, perspectives and understanding.

So, I'll keep the news of actual crashes to a weekly roundup post (unless one pops up that calls for immediate attention). More often, I'll reach out to safety-related organizations, retail property developers and design professionals, researchers, legal and medical folks, and more. Hopefully, one person and one organization at a time, we can not only get some answers about how to reduce storefront crashes, but also raise awareness about the problem and inspire potential solutions.

Your ideas and insights are welcome. Just hit that comments button. And thanks for being here.

Graphic source: http://www.clker.com

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