Crash Victim?

First, my sincere sympathies for any physical injuries or emotional distress you might have suffered. All the more so if a life was lost.

Videos of vehicle-into-building crashes often get giggles, ooohs and aaahs, or downright stupid comments on YouTube and other sites. But here, you get empathy and respect.

Whether you were struck by a vehicle, were driving the vehicle, or were a bystander or almost hit—no one knows better than you what the experience was like. The shock and fear can't adequately be explained to anyone who hasn't been through one of these crashes.

Your Story Can Help Educate Others
Because you have gone through one of these incidents, I also have some questions for you. I strongly believe that your story, combined with others', can help broaden awareness of vehicle-into-building accidents—and that more awareness can help save lives and spare others the suffering that you know all too well.

Please email me via 'mark [at] wrightscontent [dot] com' if...

...You Were Hit
I invite you to consider sharing your own crash experience. I fully respect your privacy and the legal sensitivities surrounding a crash, so however much or little you wish to reveal is up to you.

...You Were the Driver
Being the driver of a vehicle that hits someone is extremely upsetting, too. (I saw how mortified and concerned the driver was who hit me.) If you have any insights about how other drivers can avoid such accidents, your comments are welcome.

...Your Building Was Struck
If you owned or worked at the business or building into which a vehicle crashed, your perspective is very valuable. No need to reveal anything about your particular incident that would give your attorney or insurance company heartburn, of course. But if you learned anything that might help other storefront operators avoid—or prevent—vehicle intrusion, please speak up. Your anonymity, if requested, will be respected.

You're Not Alone
As you can see from the weekly crash roundups posted here, lots of lives are touched by this problem. But being in such good company probably does little to help you feel better right now. So, I wish you a thorough recovery—and invite you to connect if and when you're ready.

—Mark Wright