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Who’s behind this site?
That would be me—Mark Wright, a freelance writer based in Rockville, Maryland. My email address is: mark [at] wrightscontent [dot] com.

My story? Here are the basics:
  • On August 17, 2008, I was pushing open the glass doors of my then-favorite convenience store to leave when a car pulled in to park—and didn't stop, crashing directly into me and through the doors.
  • Lying in a hospital bed tends to give one lots of time to brood over questions, like: How come that car was able to crash right into the store and hit me? Why do these types of crashes occur? Is anybody tracking them? How can they be prevented?
  • One of the first-responders on scene at my accident told me this kind of thing happens a lot. Sure enough, once I got back home—two surgeries, two hospitals and two nursing homes later—I found plenty of news stories and videos online about similar crashes.
  • Fast-forward to May 2010: Given my professional background, publishing information to raise awareness of—and hopefully prevent—such accidents seemed like a natural extension of my business, so I turned my brooding into action and launched StorefrontCrashes.com.
  • The goal: Provide helpful information, resources and community for prevention-minded businesses and vehicle-into-building crash victims.

Why is this site a '.com' instead of a '.org'?
Because I'm not incorporated as a non-profit organization. I've thought about doing so, but as a former association exec I know what it takes—and for now I'd rather keep this simple.

Do you accept advertising?
Money?! Wow. That would be great. (I'm a solo writer with bills to pay, after all.) In all seriousness, though, I'm being pretty careful on monetization—because I cherish my relationship with each and every visitor. If you have a proposal—let's talk. Keep in mind, however, that StorefrontCrashes.com is all about expanding awareness of, and seeking solutions to, this very serious safety problem. Respectfully, I'm only interested in sponsors who share that goal.

What's your policy on trading links?
I'm selectively open to highly-relevant link arrangements with other sites.

How come my comments don't appear automatically on a post?
To be blunt: I screen out spam and any other inappropriate or inane B.S. But if you posted what you thought was a legitimate comment that for some reason didn't appear within a day or so, drop me an email to mark [at] storefrontcrashes [dot] com and I'll follow up.

What were you buying at the convenience store where you got hit?
A Diet Coke and (don't laugh) one package of Hostess Sno Balls.